Sunday, November 14, 2010

One More Week To Go . . .

I have made it through another week.  The time seems to be going by faster I suppose.  I have been feeling pretty good most of the time.   I am tired by the end of the day, and sleep is not my friend on IPT days because they give me dexamethasone, which is a steroid and that keeps me up, and when I do fall asleep, it is short lived, so that only perpetuates the problem.  It is a pretty common side effect.  High dose vitamin C therapy has its up and down days, mostly up, but some days it can make you really tired and not feel so well, which is really weird because you would think that vitamin C would make you feel good, but to put it in perspective, I am getting 100,000 mg of vitamin C, which not only kills cancer cells, but it has high detoxing effects and that is what can make you feel a little off.  Coming off the juice fast has been harder than anticipated as it takes a while for your digestive tract to get back into action.  Food has lost its appeal.  Nothing sounds good and I have to be careful about what I take in so as to not make my gut unhappy.  Fruit does okay, but I have to be careful about what types and how much because fruit has sugar and too much is not good because cancer thrives on sugar.  Even though fruit sugar is better than refined, I still have to be careful. 

I have learned a lot and am grateful for the journey.  I have so appreciated the journey I have taken with other patients at the center.  Their stories are all stories of inspiration.  Rodney had great news this week.  He came in with stage IV myosarcoma which had metastasized to his lungs.  He had five nodules on his lungs. He has been undergoing treatment for six weeks now and his PET scan showed that he had only one lesion left.  This is positively amazing because his doctor back home told him there was nothing that he could do for him and said that chemotherapy would do nothing for these lesions.  It is so exciting to hear such great news, which just confirms to me that more people need to know that there are cures for cancer outside of the conventional methods, which don't destroy the immune system and actually build the immune system. 

Today happens to be my birthday and Mike came out for a work-related visit.  It was really great to see him again.  Mike, Joyce and I went to Sedona on Saturday and had a great day.  It is beautiful in Sedona and it is nice to do something different for a change.  Weather has been beautiful, like in the 70s.  I am going to have a major climate shock when I head home.  Mike flies back on Friday and we leave for home on Saturday, November 20th.   

When I get back I will undergo a PET scan.  I have no doubts that my cancer is gone, and I have learned much about what I need to do to maintain a state of good physical, mental and spiritual health.  This is not a destination, but a true journey, a journey that will continue for the rest of my life.  In my first consult with Dr. Lodi, he said that cancer is a divine tap on the shoulder, and to heal with gratitude.  Throughout this process, I have had some really tough days, but I truly feel my diagnosis has been a blessing.  The Lord knew it would take something like this to shake me to my core and it has made me teachable, and I am truly grateful for the things I have discovered about myself and the things I need to change in my journey to healing. 

My heart is full for the thoughts, prayers, text messages, emails, birthday cards, flowers, meals for my family, and the help with my children by friends and family.  To all of you who have extended yourself so selflessly, please accept my sincerest appreciation and thanks. 

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  1. I enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for keeping us informed. I'm glad you'll be back home soon. Emily W.