Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wow how time flies!!

Well it is December 26th and it has been five weeks since I came home.  In fact, I have been home as long as I was in Arizona, which seems unbelievable!!!

I have been through two holidays, a business trip, and several kids who have been sick with strep and walking pneumonia and feeling very much back to my ordinary life, but trying very hard not to forget the things that I learned at an Oasis of Healing.  Thankfully, I have a very strong immune system and have been able to stay healthy in spite of the sick house I have been living in. 

The lifestyle is a work in progress, but I think I have done rather well in doing an 80/20 raw almost vegan diet.  Definitely vegetarian and have stayed away from dairy and sugar for the most part.  The holidays have made that a little tricky.  I am now armed and dangerous as far as the kitchen is concerned. I have a VitaMix blender, a Hurom juicer and I received a Cuisinart elite food processor and recently received my order of raw nuts, seeds, raw honey, etc., all of which will assist in my raw vegan diet.  I plan after the holidays to do another juice fast to detox and cleanse and then pursue the finer art of preparing more creative raw foods other than just salads.  A friend of mine from An Oasis of Healing has put together a blog where we can support each other and post recipes that we have tried that are good.  I also found a co-op where I can buy mostly organic fruits and vegetables for an amazing price.  If you want to know more about that, just call me.

I have had a hard time finding someone who does high-dose vitamin C that is non-corn based and who has the know how and experience to access a port.  To spare you all the details, I think I have finally found a way to make this work, but in the meantime, I have only had one vitamin C infusion since I have been back. That should change very soon to where I will received 100 gm twice a week. 

Wednesday, December 29th, I am scheduled for a PET scan. This will show that the cancer is completely gone!!  I feel the blessing of ongoing prayers of family, friends and many I don't know.  I am amazed to hear that neighbors of my family members or ward members of my sister in Oregon are praying for me, as well as business colleagues across the country.  I am so touched and moved by their love and faith.  In fact, my sister, Joyce, who was with me in Arizona, brought me a beautiful fleece blanket that was made for me by three ladies in her ward who don't even know me.  I am very touched and feel deep gratitude for the faith and prayers in my behalf.

In a few more days, we will be facing the new year.  While we all have hope for good things in the coming new year, and to move past the not so good things of the past, I have to say that the things that I have learned from my experience with cancer and my healing journey is not one I want to forget.  The journey is ongoing and I look forward to the future with anticipation, taking what I have learned and adding to it. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Good to Be Back

After several facebook comments that I haven't updated my blog in awhile, I felt I needed to make the time to do that.  I suppose I got a little trunky towards the end and didn't have that much to report so I slacked off. 

The last week of treatment went well.  I had mixed emotions about leaving.  I was excited to come back home to be with my family and get in a regular routine, but I was also sad to be leaving Oasis of Healing because I felt safe there.  I knew what I had to do every day, I didn't have to worry about what I was or wasn't going to eat and I didn't have to worry about food preparation for five other people.  The total focus there was on my healing and I knew when I came home that I would have to make a more concentrated effort to implement what I had learned and what I need to do to maintain my health and keep cancer from coming back.  Dr. Lodi always said that getting rid of cancer was the easy part, keeping it away isn't always so easy if you go back to old habits.  I became very close to all the nurses and several of the patients.  It was hard to say goodbye, but at the same time I was ready.  Even though it was a wonderful place for healing, I was ready to come home.

Mike flew down on Friday, November 19th, and on Saturday the 20th we dropped my sister off at the airport for her to return to Oregon and then Mike and I drove to Sedona.  We stayed the night there.  Sedona is a beautiful place, a lot of red rock, kind of a tourist town like Park City.  It was a lot of fun and nice just to have some time with my best friend.    On Sunday, we continued our trek home and decided to take the scenic route.  We drove by way of northeastern Arizona and passed by Monument Valley and Mexican Hat, Utah.  I have never been there and I was so awestruck at how beautiful these places were.  We the drove to Moab and stayed the night at Red Cliffs Lodge.  That place was amazing and the scenery was gorgeous.  It was like a ghost town as we were there in the off season, but that is just the way I like it.  The next day we drove through Arches National Forest before coming home.  I have never been there.  I know, can you believe it, I have lived my whole life in Utah and have never been to Arches.  Needless to say, we couldn't go to Arches and not hike to Delicate Arch so we did that and then drove around to see the other amazing rock formations and arches.   It kind of delayed our arrival home and I know the kids were anxious and expecting us to be home a couple of hours earlier. It was a nice surprise to see the Welcome Home sign on the garage door and I so appreciated the thoughtfulness of my friends who took the time to do this. 

It was great to see the kids again and to be home.  I love being home even if it is freezing cold.  Surprisingly, it hasn't bothered me as much as I thought it would.  Albeit, I could totally live in Arizona, at least from October through May.  After that, they say it gets so miserably hot there, but at least they don't have to shovel the walks every other day!  The good thing about the snow is it at least feels like Christmas.  It was weird to see Christmas decorations out when it was 80 degrees and you are thinking what in the world are they decorating for Christmas and then I thought, oh yeah, it is almost Christmas.  Kind of funny how you associate holidays to the seasons, and if it always feels like summer, then it doesn't seem like Christmas. 

So a lot of questions I get is about the dietary changes I am making.  I am doing pretty much a 80/20 raw vegan diet.  I can do about 20% cooked.  So for Thanksgiving, I took my own green Waldorf salad and baked a yam, not ones coated in brown sugar and marshmallows.  It was all really good and I indulged in a little mashed potatoes and a little stuffing.  I made sure I had my digestive enzymes and I was good.   I don't miss meat at all and I don't crave sugar or dairy.  This has been a blessing, but once you wean yourself off those things, your tastes change.  I found the reason that I craved chocolate before was because I was low in magnesium.  If you are getting plenty of that from healthy sources the craving goes away.  Your health can also be a big motivator as to what you stick in your mouth.  I don't want to undo the good that I have done and I want to continue to build my immune system and maintain the health I have achieved.

The question I get a lot is, "Do you have to go back?"  The answer to that is no.  I am going to do ongoing therapeutic high dose vitamin C here.  I have been spending a lot of time trying to find someone who does that here and who is willing to work with me in my particular situation since I am already under a doctor's care.  I will be doing a follow-up PET scan towards the end of December.  The chemotherapy has a cumulative effect and so even though my last treatment was almost two weeks ago, the low-dose chemo is still working up to eight weeks post treatment, so Dr. Lodi wanted to see a scan towards the end of that time period to see the ultimate results.  I am completely confident that it is gone given the fact that my previous PET scan showed very minimal uptake.  Based on the results of others at the Center with much more serious cases of cancer and tumors, and have no doubt that I am cancer free. 

The next question I get a lot of  is, "How are you feeling?"   I feel great!  I have always felt really pretty good.  Probably the worst time for me was when I was detoxing as mentioned in earlier blogs. After that, I really felt pretty well other than tiredness by the end of the day.  This treatment is unlike conventional therapy and it is pretty surprising how well most of all the patients were doing, and the improvements I saw in several patients were amazing. 

I have been keeping in contact with a few of the patients who became close friends, a couple of them are winding down their treatment.  It was a wonderful experience and one I wouldn't trade.  I don't believe the things I learned about my health and wellness and the things I learned about myself could have been learned any other way.  I don't think I would have been open to it if it wasn't for the cancer diagnosis, and I don't believe I would have slowed down to discover and learn the things that the Lord taught me. It was truly a mind, body, and spirit healing for me. 

My journey to healing is not over, rather I believe it is just beginning.  A new journey, a change and shift in what I was doing on many different levels. 

Thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers, meals, care of my children, etc.  I cannot adequately express my gratitude and appreciation for your friendship and all that has been done for me and my family.  I would appreciate your continued prayers. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

One More Week To Go . . .

I have made it through another week.  The time seems to be going by faster I suppose.  I have been feeling pretty good most of the time.   I am tired by the end of the day, and sleep is not my friend on IPT days because they give me dexamethasone, which is a steroid and that keeps me up, and when I do fall asleep, it is short lived, so that only perpetuates the problem.  It is a pretty common side effect.  High dose vitamin C therapy has its up and down days, mostly up, but some days it can make you really tired and not feel so well, which is really weird because you would think that vitamin C would make you feel good, but to put it in perspective, I am getting 100,000 mg of vitamin C, which not only kills cancer cells, but it has high detoxing effects and that is what can make you feel a little off.  Coming off the juice fast has been harder than anticipated as it takes a while for your digestive tract to get back into action.  Food has lost its appeal.  Nothing sounds good and I have to be careful about what I take in so as to not make my gut unhappy.  Fruit does okay, but I have to be careful about what types and how much because fruit has sugar and too much is not good because cancer thrives on sugar.  Even though fruit sugar is better than refined, I still have to be careful. 

I have learned a lot and am grateful for the journey.  I have so appreciated the journey I have taken with other patients at the center.  Their stories are all stories of inspiration.  Rodney had great news this week.  He came in with stage IV myosarcoma which had metastasized to his lungs.  He had five nodules on his lungs. He has been undergoing treatment for six weeks now and his PET scan showed that he had only one lesion left.  This is positively amazing because his doctor back home told him there was nothing that he could do for him and said that chemotherapy would do nothing for these lesions.  It is so exciting to hear such great news, which just confirms to me that more people need to know that there are cures for cancer outside of the conventional methods, which don't destroy the immune system and actually build the immune system. 

Today happens to be my birthday and Mike came out for a work-related visit.  It was really great to see him again.  Mike, Joyce and I went to Sedona on Saturday and had a great day.  It is beautiful in Sedona and it is nice to do something different for a change.  Weather has been beautiful, like in the 70s.  I am going to have a major climate shock when I head home.  Mike flies back on Friday and we leave for home on Saturday, November 20th.   

When I get back I will undergo a PET scan.  I have no doubts that my cancer is gone, and I have learned much about what I need to do to maintain a state of good physical, mental and spiritual health.  This is not a destination, but a true journey, a journey that will continue for the rest of my life.  In my first consult with Dr. Lodi, he said that cancer is a divine tap on the shoulder, and to heal with gratitude.  Throughout this process, I have had some really tough days, but I truly feel my diagnosis has been a blessing.  The Lord knew it would take something like this to shake me to my core and it has made me teachable, and I am truly grateful for the things I have discovered about myself and the things I need to change in my journey to healing. 

My heart is full for the thoughts, prayers, text messages, emails, birthday cards, flowers, meals for my family, and the help with my children by friends and family.  To all of you who have extended yourself so selflessly, please accept my sincerest appreciation and thanks. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Healing with Gratitude

This week has been a great week. I have felt good every day this week.  I think I turned a corner as far as the cleanse was concerned and that has helped tremendously.  It was an amazingly humbling experience in which I discovered and learned so much on an emotional, spiritual and physical level.  It truly has been a healing journey on many different levels. I feel so grateful for what I have learned and for my healing.

I have now completed three weeks of treatment, which has included six IPT/chemo treatments, along with eight high-dose vitamin C treatments, along with many additional healing therapies which strengthen the immune system and continue to detox the body.

The staff at an Oasis of Healing are amazing and it feels like we are all family here.  There are about 15 patients here at any one time and we are always together during our treatments and we really feel the love and support for each other.   I have made a couple of close friends here that I know will be friends for life.

There are patients from all over. We have one even from Turkey, one from Canada, several from back east and from various other states.  I would say that currently there are about six of us with breast cancer receiving treatment.  There is great success with this type of therapy and I want to tell you of some amazing successes.  There is one fellow here with a glioblastoma (aggressive brain tumor) who underwent surgery in May followed by conventional chemo and radiation, to no avail.  He has been here for one month and his tumor has shrunk over a full centimeter as compared to no response on conventional therapy.

Another woman had a three inch tumor in her breast that after five weeks has shrunk down to less than one inch.  One other guy had stage IV liver cancer that had metastasized to his colon and rectum. After three months, his tumor markers had reduced from 3400 down to less than 300 and he is more than 90% cancer free.  These successes are not the exception, but the norm with this type of therapy, and there are other alternative therapies being used that are curing cancer.  If you want to learn more, you need to read KNOCKOUT by Suzanne Sommers.  I guarantee you will be amazed by her story and the information about cancer that cancer doctors reveal to her.  Also, another informative read is called Cancergate.  It will blow you away when you learn what the FDA, AMA, NCI, NCA and the big pharmacy companies DON'T want you to know. Perhaps if more people understood the lies, deception and corruption of this industry, perhaps cancer therapies would change that would actually increase the survival rate of cancer patients.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

All is Going Well

I am doing well this week. I have felt better.  I am slowly coming off the juice fast/cleanse.  It has been hard but amazing.  First off, the physical detox is no fun at all.  I had no idea how sick you can get when your body is releasing toxins.  Emotionally, it has been very freeing and healing.   Spiritually, it has been so enlightening.  I feel very blessed by the whole experience.  I have had quite a few breakthroughs that have given me great cause for reflection.  

Treatments are going well.  I am tolerating IPT/chemo just fine.  The worst side effect thus far is I don't sleep well after it because they give me dexamethasone, which kind of hypes me up.  Vitamin C is going better.  Staying hydrated is the key.  All the other therapies are very healing and helpful. 

I have met so many great people and have become good friends with several.  The nurses are fantastic, as is all of the staff.  I am learning a lot and know that I am healing more each day. 

I feel much more positive about everything, which I have determined is easy when you are feeling good. 

I am also so grateful for all the wonderful people who are taking care of my family while I am away.  It allows me to focus on my healing without any concern for their welfare.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to family, friends and neighbors for all you do and for all your prayers. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

This isn't easy

I have officially completed two full weeks of treatment, which include four IPT/chemo treatments.  All has gone well, but I just haven't felt very well.  I am on day eight of a juice fast/detox and that has been a trip on its own, not to mention the other therapies.  On the days I don't have IPT I have high-dose vitamin C.  What is weird, is I feel worse on high dose vitamin C than I do on chemo, but it is highly effective.  In fact, I actually have a huge medical journal article showing that the FDA approves high dose vitamin C as a cancer treatment because of its cytotoxic effects on the cell. 

Other therapeutic treatments I have had this week for immume building and detoxing have been colonics, accupuncture, structural integration, infrared sauna, exercise with oxygen therapy, hyper ozone blood therapy, lymphatic drainage, yoga, psychotherapy, as well as exercise and food prep classes.   It makes for very busy days and I come home pretty tired.  It is hard to keep the blog up to date just because I don't want to do much once I get home.

As far as home goes, I was staying with my brother for the first few days, but the drive with traffice was very stressful and challenging.  My sister and I found a condo to rent just five minutes from the center and it is really nice and fully furnished.  It is a much better arrangement given how I have felt lately.  I am not complaining, it is all part of the process and I know it will get better.  Let's face it, this is still cancer treatment and I don't care how you slice it up, it is no picnic.

I ask for your prayers in my behalf more than ever.   I know the power of prayer and faith of many, and feel grateful for all of the thoughts, prayers, texts and messages I have received.  It really brings me up especially on my bad days.   All in all, things are going very well and I know this is for such a short time.  I can do this!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good Days, Bad Days, Today was a Good Day!

I am feeling much better, thank goodness.  Never would have thought that detoxing your body of all the built up toxins could make you so sick, but once you are able to flush them from your system, it is amazing how much better your feel.   Ive lost 10 pounds already.  I know a lot of that is water, but it is also a lot of toxins.  Today was a good day.  I am learning to truly appreciate that and heal with gratitude.

Today I had my third round of IPT/low-dose chemotherapy and I feel really great!  I also had another colonic treatment which really helps to remove the toxins.  Whew!!

I have met so many amazing people and look at them with great admiration.  Some are very sick and just starting their treatment and others have come a long way and are such an inspiration.  It is a great support group and we are all encourage each other, which is helpful when you are not having such a good day. 

My sister, Joyce, has been great and I am truly grateful she has been here for personal support and help.  It has been a great blessing. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Start of Week Two

I think it would be really unrealistic if I was always so upbeat, but truly it is easy to be upbeat when you feel good, but when you don't feel well, then the bottom falls out.  In fact, yesterday I was ready to give up because I felt so rotten and this is not easy, but it is a commitment and it beats the heck out of the conventional route.  I have to keep reminding myself of that.  It is just hard right now because I am really homesick and I miss my family so I am being a big baby.  Sorry to burst your bubble for all of you who think I am so strong, but I guess I am human.  Best you know that now!

I have started on my juice fast and am cleaning the aquarium so to speak and it has been really rough.  I had no idea how toxic I was and how crummy you can feel when you are going through the process.  I actually had a colonic flush today which removed a boat load of toxins and I feel much improved, thank goodness.  I also had a lymphatic massage and drainage and a vitamin C infusion.  I have an IPT/chemo treatment tomorrow.

I so appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers and I need them now more than ever.  Thank you to all who have done so much for my family.  My heart is full and very grateful to all of my friends and family.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Honeymoon is Over and Reality is Setting In.

It has been quite a week, a rollercoaster to say the least.  The first part of the week was so great!  The last part of the week has still been good, but has been very emotional.  It is part of the physical cleansing and emotional healing.  I have been on a very cleansing juice throughout the week, but today starts my official juice cleanse to detox my body of all the chemicals and toxins that have been floating around for a long time that make it difficult to fight cancer or any other disease for that matter. I will be on this cleanse for a minimum of 10 days and hopefully I can make it the full 16 days.  It just depends on when I hit my wall.  I have heard from other patients that you hit a wall and then you know you are done and then they transition you slowly into a solid diet.  Right now nothing sounds good or tastes good, so even though I feel a little hungry, I have no desire to eat.  Another typical response to detox.  One thing that I have found interesting is that each of our cells also becomes toxic with negative emotions.  Our emotional experiences even from childhood imprint themselves on the DNA of each of our cells, so detoxing also releases a lot of those toxins and brings a lot of emotions to the surface.  This has been very hard for me because I am the type of person that tries very hard to hold it together, and I am not holding it together that well, but this is a good thing because it is a great release of a lot of emotional stress, which is very healing and detoxing. What I am learning is that this is a complete mind, body and spirit healing experience and that is why they offer so many healing modalities. 

In addition to IPT with chemo and vitamin C infusions, I have also had structural integration, colonics (not fun, but very beneficial in the detox) psychotherapy, yoga, and physical fitness by a personal trainer.  Next week there will be a new onslaught of therapies including lymphatic massage and drainage, EWOT which is exercise with oxygen therapy, infrared sauna, chelation therapy which helps remove heavy metals from the body which are very toxic.  It makes for a full week and full days.  It starts at 8 and doesn't usually get through until 4 or 5 pm. 

As with any journey, you are going to hit some bumps in the road or as they say it is not always smooth sailing and I am told that I am entering that part of the experience right now.  It will get better and I know that this is where I am supposed to be.  I am grateful that I feel as good as I do from a physical standpoint.  IPT does not cut you off at your knees as conventional therapy does because they are using only 10% of the normal dose and the majority of that makes a direct hit on the cancer cells.  The detoxing is probably the hardest part right now, but I will get through it. 

I miss my family a ton and I am just grateful for the support of my sister who is here with me and also brother.  I appreciate so very much the support my family is getting from everyone in the ward and from family.  I feel so blessed.   

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Fun Begins - I am being totally serious!!!

DAY #1
Oh man, what a whirlwind this week has been.   Mike and I drove into Phoenix late Sunday evening.  Our first day began at An Oasis of Healing on Monday morning, at 11:00 am.  I had a nurse's evaluation, and then toured the facility and had a wonderful "Real Food" lunch.  It was thoroughly enjoyable.  I also started on 2 quarts of an amazing juice that consists of kale, cucumber, spinach, green apple, lemon and ginger.  It is so good, so refreshing, and incredibly good for you, not to mention detoxifying. 

After that, they did not waste any time and started me on high dose vitamin C like 5000 mg of vitamin C intravenously.  This boosts your immune system and cancer cells are destroyed by high doses of vitamin C because healthy cells have a substance that break down the vitamin C with an enzyme called Catalase (sp?), which turns it into oxygen and water.  Cancer cannot live in an oxygen rich environment so this is the first line of defense. Since cancer cells lack this enzyme, the chemical reaction of vitamin C on a cancer cell is hydrogen peroxide, which totally destroys the cancer cells.  So big double WHAMMY. 

Later that day, I met with Dr. Lodi.  This man is brillant.  We had a 3-hour consult with him.  What doctor does that???  He asked a lot of questions to learn more about me and my lifestyle and my cancer diagnosis and so forth.  He then spent a lot of time educating us about our bodies, about cancer, disease, health and how to stop making cancer.  Positively amazing.  Education is key.  It  really helps when you understand what makes cancer and  how to stop it from coming back.  When you understand how it all works, it is much easier to follow the protocol.  And the truth of the matter is, it will be a life-long change. Dr. Lodi is a very spiritual man and knows the Bible and a lot about the LDS faith, Word of Wisdom, etc., even though he himself is not LDS. He said something very amazing to me.  He said "Cancer is a divine tap on the shoulder. Heal with gratitude.  It will allow you to fulfill your potential and through your experience, you will teach and inspire others."  It was a very profound spiritual moment for me. I walked out of there so hopeful and without question that this is the answer and positively the cure for me.  I truly view my cancer as a great blessing in my life.  I am not scared of it all, but view it as an incredible journey!

Following that, we were given our evening meal, an amazing meal of raw whole food that was so very delicious and satisfying, topped off with more healing juice. It is so great!!

DAY #2
Day starts off with an exercise  class with a personal trainer.  I know what you are thinking --  Cancer treatment, sure, sounds more like a vacation.  But exercise is a big important part of healing and overall good health.  We actually just got to know each other and our stories.  I will be blogging the stories of these people.  They are amazing stories of healing and very inspiring.  This is not just a place for treatment, it is a healing place, a place to heal mind, body and spirit.  There are about 15 of us currently at the Oasis of Healing.  We are all at various levels of cancer and healing.  I would say that at leave 5 of us have breast cancer, one with glioblastoma (brain cancer), two with ovarian cancer both metastatic, one with uterine metastatic cancer, one with liver and colorectal cancer.  We are fast becoming friends and there is a real positive energy of healing and support.  We see each other every day and are all in a common area that is very comfortable where we receive our Vitamin C or chemo.  While it is very professional and clinical when it needs to be, it is also a very relaxed nonthreatening family-like environment. 

After the exercise class, we went to a food preparation class, where we are learning about the importance of eating a raw or real food diet, all plant based.  They have a raw food chef on staff who does these classes daily and then provides our smoothies and our lunches and dinners.  The food has been incredibly good. We had a taco (meatless) salad last night that would give Cafe Rio a run for their money.  Tonight we actually had a pizza with nondairy cheese and not baked.  It was so delicious and you don't feel guilty eating it.  I never thought you could do the things you can do with completely uncooked food.  Don't knock it until you've tried it.  I have been amazed!!!

Following that, I had another high dose vitamin C infusion.  Following that, I sat in on my sister's consult with Dr. Lodi and learned a ton more.  Again, he spent at least 2 hours with her.  He is incredibly knowledgeable and so very down to earth.  He really listens and cares about every individual person and what they are dealing with. (An Oasis of Healing allows each patient to have a guest to participate in the classes and be a support.  My sister is way into this sort of stuff and so I invited her to come down.  She is interested in just becoming more healthy and will be doing some of the healing modalities and body cleanses so that is why she met with Dr. Lodi as well). 

That was the end of day #2.

DAY #3
Today is Wednesday, October 20, 2010.  Day started out with yoga and it was so very relaxing and healing.  This is a very low key yoga as compared to some yoga classes I have been in where you are turned into a pretzel.  Many patients are at various levels of health.  Some are stage 3 and 4 and have already been conventional chemo and radiation and are pretty beat up when they get there, so it is more of a healing deep breathing relaxing type of yoga. 

Following yoga, we had another food preparation class. We learned how to make breakfast foods with all kinds of grains and seeds (soaked and sprouted, not cooked).  I couldn't try any of the things we made as I was fasting in preparation for my IPT therapy and first chemo session today.

A little later, I went through IPT.  A very interesting and amazing method of administering chemotherapy.  If you haven't watched the videos, please do so, it will explain a lot.  In brief, all sugar feeds cancer.  Cancer cells have an a ridiculous amount of insulin receptors on them, so when you eat, the cancers consume the sugar first.  So with IPT,  they have you fast so your blood sugar is low. Then they infuse you with more insulin which acts as a key to unlock the receptors on the cancer cells.  The nurses monitor you very carefully so that your blood sugar drops even further, but not dangerously low.  At that point, they inject the chemotherapy cocktail, followed by several drugs that weaken the cancer cell and to make it more prone to absorb the chemo. Then they had me start drinking fresh juiced apple juice (yum) and then a healthy raw food dessert which had bananas in it to help bring up my blood sugar.  The sugar then pushes the chemotherapy into the cancer cells and this is how cancer cells are targeted, therefore, only 10% of a conventional dose of chemotherapy is needed.  The rest of the cells in the body are minimally affected by the chemo, yet the cancer cells got a direct hit.  I felt a little wiped afterwards, but that is due to the blood sugar roller coaster. I took a little nap and I have felt great the rest of the day!

I am in the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time. I feel so blessed.  I feel an incredible peace that can only come from our Savior's love and I am humbled by your faith and prayers. I know they are being heard and I am grateful!!

I am sorry for the epistle.  I will try to post daily to avoid this in the future.  LOL.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Alternative Cancer Care 5

Here is the last of the Alternatives to Cancer videos.  More information will follow not only about IPT therapy, but other cancer doctors who are curing cancer using other modalities for healing without darn near killing their patient to do it.  I am looking really forward to starting my treatment.  It is going to be so great!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Alternative Cancer Care 4

Great news today.  My PET scan showed no metastatic cancer anywhere.  Just a very small uptake on the left breast, but I already knew that.  (There was a very small residual following my lumpectomy.) No mass or lesion associated.  Woohoo.  Now we are going to kick this to the curb in a big hurry!

I have packed and left for Arizona with a brief two-day stop in Midway to spend time with the whole family.  I feel good and so amazingly positive.  I am just so grateful that I have found An Oasis of Healing in Arizona.  I cringe to think what I could be going through if I didn't follow my heart. 

Monday I start my workup and treatments.  Stay tuned for a day by day log of my treatments.  Also part 5 of Alternative Cancer Care to follow tomorrow. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alternative Cancer Care 3

As promised, here is part 3.  Very very interesting about the role sugar plays in cancer. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Alternative Cancer Care 2

Today I had a PET scan.  I have to admit there are some pretty remarkable advances in diagnostic medicine.  I want to make it clear that I am not opposed to all forms of allopathic medicine, but I do feel we need to be proactive and informed rather than just trusting the medical profession as "the experts," after all when someone says they practice medicine, often times that is just what they are doing "practicing!" 

Some good books that have given me a lot of information and hope are "The Cancer Answer" by Albert E. Carter,  "Knockout" by Suzanne Somers, as well as "The Only Answer to Cancer" by Dr. Leonard Coldwell. 

Here is part 2 of Alternatives to Cancer Care.  If you missed part 1, click the Blog Archive on the right hand side to get caught up.

Stay tuned for part 3 tomorrow.

Alternative Cancer Care 1

To bring you up to speed, last Friday I had a minor surgical procedure for a port catheter placement.  Tomorrow I am going in for a PET scan, this is a baseline scan to determine the cancer location.  On Thursday, I go in for a whole slew of lab tests. I leave for Arizona on Saturday and will hopefully return by Thanksgiving. 

As my blog has stated, I wish to inform people of the other options for curing cancer.  I have done extensive research and this information is readily available for anyone doing any sort of searching, but believe me the AMA, FDA, National Cancer Society and the pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know this information and are doing everything to keep this information quiet.  There are cures for cancer, but in spite of what they say, they are not offering these cures to the public. Why, you may ask?  It all comes down to the big business of cancer research, big Pharma and the almighty dollar.  That may sound perposterous to you, as you may think that no one in the medical profession would be so cold, calculated and greedy.  Well let me tell you, did you know that unless the FDA actually makes a claim for cure that it is illegal for anyone else to make such a claim without their approval?  In fact, if a doctor or anyone else for that matter would make such a claim without FDA approval, they actually can lose their license and be thrown in jail.  Did you know that most of the tests done to show cure rates and effective cure rates for a particular drug are actually done by the pharmacy companies who make the drug?  Does that not explain why drugs that have been approved by the FDA are later pulled from the market because of the ill side effects and even death that those drugs are causing?    But let me ask you, can you name one government agency that is truly honest and has not been corrupted by greed and power? Why would you think the FDA is any different?   Follow my blog and you will see for yourself the truths I have learned. 

In the last 55 years with billions of dollars going to cancer research, they have only reduced cancer deaths by 5%!  That is pathetic!  Compare that to the reduction of heart disease related deaths of 64%.  They are doing nothing different in treating cancer now then they were doing then, which is cut it out, burn it out and poison it out.  Furthermore, they deem a cure if you live five years from your diagnosis.  You could die two days later after hitting your five year mark, and they would still consider you a cured case!  Personally, a cure to me is living another 45 years!!

What I have learned in my research is that there are several Maverick doctors who have stepped away from conventional therapies in an effort to reveal the truth and help cure people of cancer without damaging their bodies to the point of no return.  A great book to read is "Knockout - Doctors Who are Curing Cancer and Preventing it in the First Place."  In this book, Suzanne Sommers interviews several of these doctors and the different treatment modalities they are using.  Again, it is not a one size fits all approach. 

One such modality is the ITP therapy.  There are a handful of doctors using this procedure, which has been around since the 1930s.  Dr. Rick Linchitz is a doctor out of New York who is also a lung cancer survivor of 11 years who performs this treatment.  He is the one featured in this video.  Dr. Thomas Lodi of An Oasis of Healing also performs this treatment and is the physician that I will be seeing in Mesa, Arizona.  There are a series of five videos which I will post one each day. 

All of us know someone who has been affected by cancer, all of us know someone who has died of cancer, if there was truly a cure available and a way to keep it from coming back, wouldn't it be worth a few minutes to learn about it??   Trust me, when you or someone you know receives a cancer diagnosis, it is truly scarey, confusing, frustrating, and you are extremely vunerable.  I am telling you, you no longer have to feel vunerable and subscribe to the lethal forms of cancer treatment that the medical field makes you believe you have to do in order to survive. Doesn't it seem strange that the modalities for treating cancer are the very things that cause cancer?  Did you know that the premise for chemotherapy stemmed back from WWII with Agent Orange!  I will be the first to admit that it is difficult to sift through all of the information and know what to believe, but I firmly believe I am being led down this path for a reason and I need to share this with everyone. 

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm Ready to Talk -- Not really, but feel inclined to do so :-D.

The Bombshell
For anyone who is not aware, but has seen various postings on Facebook and have yet to figure out what is going on, I was recently diagnosed with stage II breast cancer.

First of all, I would like to express my appreciation for all of the thoughts and prayers in my behalf. I truly feel the blessings of the your prayers.  I am grateful for such loving and caring neighbors and friends.

How Are You . . . Really?
I get this question a lot.  And I am doing great!!!  I really am!!  I feel great physically, mentally and spiritually.  Don't get me wrong, I have had my down days, but as you read on, I hope you will understand why I feel so positively fantastic!! 

My Reasons for Staying Silent
I also would like to state that I prefer to keep things to myself.  I have never felt a need or desire to talk to everyone about this, so for that reason I appreciate the space that everyone has given me.  Your unreturned calls or FB inquiries is not my attempt to be rude, but rather, I just don't want to talk about it.  That's just how I choose to deal with it.  However, in an effort to keep any other convoluted information from being passed around, I have decided to blog key information and use this as a forum to "journalize" my journey and experiences and what I learn along the way.

I have titled this blog "Inga's Journey to Healing" because up to this point I feel I am on a journey.  I have had some very undeniable impressions and promptings that I am NOT to do "cookie cutter chemo treatments and radiation therapy."  So whether you agree or not, I am not seeking your approval, but would appreciate your support.  As I told the nurse at Huntsman Cancer Institute, my decision is between me and the Lord and as far as I am concerned, that is all that matters.

Clinical History
My diagnosis came as quite a surprise as it was found on routine mammogram. there was no lump or mass associated, just some calcifications.  I had never heard of  "calcifications" before and thought, no big deal right?? Well then the biopsy showed DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) and ductal carcinoma, minimally invasive.  WHAT??? Are you kidding me??  My first thoughts were "I don't have time for this," and I was simply determined to address it as quickly as possible and get it out of the way.  However, I discovered it was not going to be that easy since surgery revealed it had spread to the sentinel node, which resulted in the removal of 10 other nodes from under my arm.  My surgeon greeted me in postop with "That node just bought you a ticket to chemo."  Thanks for breaking it to me gently, I thought.  Thankfully pathology showed that none of the nodes under my arm were affected, but that still did not change the treatment course, which included chemo, radiation, and Tamoxifen (which happens to be a carcinogen that causes uterine and liver cancer, not to mention blood clots -- Gee sign me up!!!)  I quickly came to the realization that this was not going to be gone as quickly as I wanted it to and I was going to have to make time for it, dang it!!  Needless to say, I was very, very depressed because I felt I had no options.  My options were all wiped out with the sentinel node involvement. 

The Journey Begins
As I was laying in bed recovering from surgery, I was ruminating on the prospect of chemo.  I just couldn't believe that I was going to have to inject poison into my body and kill every single cell in my body to address the cancer.  I mean after all it was removed in surgery. I mean I am healthy, I eat right, I have a pretty strong immune system, why would I destroy the very system that was designed to fight cancer?  It just didn't make any sense to me and it didn't feel right and I felt backed into a corner.  Suddenly a scripture came to my mind that I had read only two days after I learned of my biopsy results, and it was "Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, and knock and it shall be opened unto you."  It was like a light went on.  All along I had prayed that I would know what to do.  I didn't ask for a miraculous healing, but rather that I would know what to do, yet I had not been seeking.  I immediately pulled up my laptop and started doing some seeking and searching.  The information I found was incredible and nothing shy of a miracle. I started feeling hope again.  I started feeling like I had options once again.  The very next day I received a random email drip campaign on my blackberry.  I never open those emails but this time I did.  It was referencing the same information I learned of the night before.  Coincidence??? I think not.  I knew I had some serious reading to do, and I got to work!  What I have learned has been amazing and maddening all at the same time.

What I Have Learned
I would like to state a disclaimer right now.  First off, it is not my intent to create controversy or offend in any way.  It is often hard to accept new information (even proven documented information) when we have been so indoctrinated into one way of thinking.  So with that said, I will boldly state that cancer is not a disease, but rather a symptom of an inefficient immune system.  If you don't believe me read the "Cancer Answer" by Albert E. Carter.  We all have cancer cells or disobedient cells in our body.  These are cells that start growing a bit out of control from the way they were programmed.  With a strong immune system, those cells are wiped out by your lymphocytes before you know you even have a problem.  Unfortunately, there are a whole host of factors that can adversely affect your immune system from diet, environment, water (chlorine and fluoridated), and stress that can beat up your immune system and can cause it to be less than efficient. 

The Best of Both Worlds
I have always believed in a more holistic approach to health and wellness, but wasn't sure that approaching my cancer treatment completely that way was altogether wise or responsible.  I have found a doctor out of Mesa, Arizona who is a medical doctor and practices integrated oncology and homeopathy. He does a chemo sensitivity test, which is a blood test that is only done in Germany and Greece that actually determines what chemotherapy drugs your specific cancer cells are sensitive to.  Just like antibiotics are bacteria specific.  He then uses a technique called insulin potentiation therapy (IPT) as a modality for the administration of low dose chemotherapy that has been used since the mid 1930s.  The dose of chemotherapy is about 10% of the normal dose.  The IPT actually targets the cancer cells like smart bombs and attacks them with very little affect on the other cells of the body.  NO HORRIBLE SIDE EFFECTS!! Along with the IPT therapy, there are several holistic healing modalities that help strengthen the immune system and create an inhospitable environment for cancer to grow or thrive.  I am being very general and nonspecific here to spare you the details, but just know that when you understand all the information, it makes perfect sense.  He has had incredible success with this therapy, even with stage IV pancreatic cancer, stage IV breast and ovarian cancer.  I have actually spoken with these patients who have been cancer free and remained well for five years beyond their diagnosis.

A Useful Metaphor
If you had some weeds in your garden, would it make sense to throw a pesticide on the weeds as well as the flowers, trees, shrubs and grass, and then expect the flowers, trees, shrubs and grass to return spontaneously and thrive?   Yeah, it doesn't make sense to me either. 

Knock and it Shall Be Opened unto You
I realize that without knowing all the information I have gathered, this approach may not resonate with everyone, but just know that I have received my answer and feel such a sense of calm reassurance and peace. 

Finally . . .
I know you were wondering if I was ever going to stop.  My plan is I am going to be going to Mesa, Arizona for six weeks.  The plan is to leave on October 16th to start treatment on the 18th.  I will be staying with my brother who lives just outside of Phoenix.  I have a big family support group and appreciate the many offers of help and service.  We will need it during that time. 

I would be ever so grateful for your continued faith and prayers.  My journey is just beginning.