Wednesday, November 3, 2010

All is Going Well

I am doing well this week. I have felt better.  I am slowly coming off the juice fast/cleanse.  It has been hard but amazing.  First off, the physical detox is no fun at all.  I had no idea how sick you can get when your body is releasing toxins.  Emotionally, it has been very freeing and healing.   Spiritually, it has been so enlightening.  I feel very blessed by the whole experience.  I have had quite a few breakthroughs that have given me great cause for reflection.  

Treatments are going well.  I am tolerating IPT/chemo just fine.  The worst side effect thus far is I don't sleep well after it because they give me dexamethasone, which kind of hypes me up.  Vitamin C is going better.  Staying hydrated is the key.  All the other therapies are very healing and helpful. 

I have met so many great people and have become good friends with several.  The nurses are fantastic, as is all of the staff.  I am learning a lot and know that I am healing more each day. 

I feel much more positive about everything, which I have determined is easy when you are feeling good. 

I am also so grateful for all the wonderful people who are taking care of my family while I am away.  It allows me to focus on my healing without any concern for their welfare.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to family, friends and neighbors for all you do and for all your prayers. 

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