Monday, October 11, 2010

Alternative Cancer Care 1

To bring you up to speed, last Friday I had a minor surgical procedure for a port catheter placement.  Tomorrow I am going in for a PET scan, this is a baseline scan to determine the cancer location.  On Thursday, I go in for a whole slew of lab tests. I leave for Arizona on Saturday and will hopefully return by Thanksgiving. 

As my blog has stated, I wish to inform people of the other options for curing cancer.  I have done extensive research and this information is readily available for anyone doing any sort of searching, but believe me the AMA, FDA, National Cancer Society and the pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know this information and are doing everything to keep this information quiet.  There are cures for cancer, but in spite of what they say, they are not offering these cures to the public. Why, you may ask?  It all comes down to the big business of cancer research, big Pharma and the almighty dollar.  That may sound perposterous to you, as you may think that no one in the medical profession would be so cold, calculated and greedy.  Well let me tell you, did you know that unless the FDA actually makes a claim for cure that it is illegal for anyone else to make such a claim without their approval?  In fact, if a doctor or anyone else for that matter would make such a claim without FDA approval, they actually can lose their license and be thrown in jail.  Did you know that most of the tests done to show cure rates and effective cure rates for a particular drug are actually done by the pharmacy companies who make the drug?  Does that not explain why drugs that have been approved by the FDA are later pulled from the market because of the ill side effects and even death that those drugs are causing?    But let me ask you, can you name one government agency that is truly honest and has not been corrupted by greed and power? Why would you think the FDA is any different?   Follow my blog and you will see for yourself the truths I have learned. 

In the last 55 years with billions of dollars going to cancer research, they have only reduced cancer deaths by 5%!  That is pathetic!  Compare that to the reduction of heart disease related deaths of 64%.  They are doing nothing different in treating cancer now then they were doing then, which is cut it out, burn it out and poison it out.  Furthermore, they deem a cure if you live five years from your diagnosis.  You could die two days later after hitting your five year mark, and they would still consider you a cured case!  Personally, a cure to me is living another 45 years!!

What I have learned in my research is that there are several Maverick doctors who have stepped away from conventional therapies in an effort to reveal the truth and help cure people of cancer without damaging their bodies to the point of no return.  A great book to read is "Knockout - Doctors Who are Curing Cancer and Preventing it in the First Place."  In this book, Suzanne Sommers interviews several of these doctors and the different treatment modalities they are using.  Again, it is not a one size fits all approach. 

One such modality is the ITP therapy.  There are a handful of doctors using this procedure, which has been around since the 1930s.  Dr. Rick Linchitz is a doctor out of New York who is also a lung cancer survivor of 11 years who performs this treatment.  He is the one featured in this video.  Dr. Thomas Lodi of An Oasis of Healing also performs this treatment and is the physician that I will be seeing in Mesa, Arizona.  There are a series of five videos which I will post one each day. 

All of us know someone who has been affected by cancer, all of us know someone who has died of cancer, if there was truly a cure available and a way to keep it from coming back, wouldn't it be worth a few minutes to learn about it??   Trust me, when you or someone you know receives a cancer diagnosis, it is truly scarey, confusing, frustrating, and you are extremely vunerable.  I am telling you, you no longer have to feel vunerable and subscribe to the lethal forms of cancer treatment that the medical field makes you believe you have to do in order to survive. Doesn't it seem strange that the modalities for treating cancer are the very things that cause cancer?  Did you know that the premise for chemotherapy stemmed back from WWII with Agent Orange!  I will be the first to admit that it is difficult to sift through all of the information and know what to believe, but I firmly believe I am being led down this path for a reason and I need to share this with everyone. 

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow. 

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  1. you are in my prayers. I agree with you, God didn't give us all we need so we could kill and poison our bodies to try to fix the problems they have.