Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good Days, Bad Days, Today was a Good Day!

I am feeling much better, thank goodness.  Never would have thought that detoxing your body of all the built up toxins could make you so sick, but once you are able to flush them from your system, it is amazing how much better your feel.   Ive lost 10 pounds already.  I know a lot of that is water, but it is also a lot of toxins.  Today was a good day.  I am learning to truly appreciate that and heal with gratitude.

Today I had my third round of IPT/low-dose chemotherapy and I feel really great!  I also had another colonic treatment which really helps to remove the toxins.  Whew!!

I have met so many amazing people and look at them with great admiration.  Some are very sick and just starting their treatment and others have come a long way and are such an inspiration.  It is a great support group and we are all encourage each other, which is helpful when you are not having such a good day. 

My sister, Joyce, has been great and I am truly grateful she has been here for personal support and help.  It has been a great blessing. 

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