Thursday, October 14, 2010

Alternative Cancer Care 4

Great news today.  My PET scan showed no metastatic cancer anywhere.  Just a very small uptake on the left breast, but I already knew that.  (There was a very small residual following my lumpectomy.) No mass or lesion associated.  Woohoo.  Now we are going to kick this to the curb in a big hurry!

I have packed and left for Arizona with a brief two-day stop in Midway to spend time with the whole family.  I feel good and so amazingly positive.  I am just so grateful that I have found An Oasis of Healing in Arizona.  I cringe to think what I could be going through if I didn't follow my heart. 

Monday I start my workup and treatments.  Stay tuned for a day by day log of my treatments.  Also part 5 of Alternative Cancer Care to follow tomorrow. 

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